It isn’t easy to write a book let alone a story and yet this is the one that shall be published. It is no’ goin’ to be the ain’ of the t’, it is g’win to be the fine ‘ay of all.

There once was a bo’ called Sue who could no’ be a fee-l withou’ there bein’ a noo. That is, there was no use to be a noo there was but a use to be a fal or foal. It tuk a large number of han’s to be abe’ to see tha’ this was a Noo and tha’ this is the the en’ of the begin and the star’ of the fi-le.  This fi-le was the new and there bein’ jus’ one of them here need be jus’ a smar’ and a soul and that is the fina’ and the sin’.

There is a noo and an ol’ and this is the ti’ for the noo and not the ol’ but.  This is no’ the en’ but the en’ of the begin and so…it is so.

This is no’ goin’ to be ease bu’. This is no’ goin’ to ease but it is agoin’ to be see’ and therefore it is agoin’to seal the vic-try for the Saint of the Bartholomew Diaz, that is the saint of the hysterical and the amorphous that is the saint of the shapeless and the indefatiguable who try to ge’ through to the othe’ si’ withou’ ever sein’ the en’ of the ti’ and so.

This is the noo as in the Now and there is no way that this is going to be a new but an ol’ one.  That is, the way thru is no’ agoin to be ease bu’t it is  agoin’ to be craze-y without some forma’ to be esclamed abou’.

Ees goin’ to be random, is wha’ I’m sayin’ and soo’ allus fella’s is goin’ to see tha’ this s no’ going to be, i’is goin’ to be fee-l, as in weel and feel togetha. This mins tha’ this is no’ goin’ to be, it is going to see and that means tha’ no way is I goin’ to be insulted by the likes of yu, ye mickel and that means yu!,  and tha’ means yu’.

This is no’ agoin to be it is goin’ to see and tha’ means yu had better get the star’ right an’ understan’ tha’ this is no’ the star’ of a shmick but the end of a flick and that means the en’ of the mo-vie.  Okay?

Copyright B E Saunders 2016


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