The sound came from above. As the choppers veered left towards the sunrise over the veldgrass he bent forward and inserted a bomb into the carapace of his face i.e. he blew smoke and started a hit. This was it. Time for action. Blooow went the missile as it cruised from its Sam-7 launcher and flew direct towards the invade or airspace. This wasn’t typical GI lingo but it sufficed to make the point – that in the necessity or dire strait there is always a need to blow soft and then hard to make it to the end of the sanction without losing life and limb. To blow soft was to be and to blow hard was to blow with big chunks. This was it again as the chopper blew apart in hardcore action without pain as suffeit of the enchambered rounds were available for further missives from the jet of the anguish of time. The jet of anguish was not the end of the story. Now there was a new one, a nu that was not the end but the begin and so you see it now? It is all linked through the hairpin that is near the cliffedge upon which we drive. So it came to being that he was unable to risk further shots and he watched as the tower of flame fell to the ground with new valour as he understood the time it took to die and the need ot see them in the full to ensure that this could be. He got started on his march. There was no way of seeing without getting in close so he abandoned his M-16 for the moment and went through the bush without even needing to sing. It was an ambulatory incident that could not be foretold as he fell into a gat or hole in the ground and had to extricate himself with difficulty and abscond from the foremost predator, a honey badger whose lair he had disturbed. It was until the end that he shone the web of time again. For he was a soldier and not a hero and that mattered. It was in a soldier that he was forebairn and not in a shoe as he had been told. Born a soldier and made into one by his hero the Staff Sergeant who knew what it was made of, to be one. It wasn’t long before his time had come and he could revisit the venue at a later date. He radio’d through his time of action and course for withdrawal.

Copyright B E Saunders 2016


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