Bacon and Ice Cream

Bacon and Ice Cream (Thanks Lou Reed)

Put your hands together now folks

For the greatest rock and roll show on earth

It isn’t for the meek it isn’t for the snide

This is for the memory of what it used to be to slide

With the length of a trombone down the passage high

Into the arms of the fairest love child you could find

Par-taying all night long without a backward glance

At the height you had to fall into darkness.

Put your hands together now

And get the groove thing coming on strong

Let the Little Feat of yesteryear ho-down

With Buckminster Fuller in gear

To soften the blow of the coming creation

And the Armegeddon time all forgotten

And passed us by without a whine

Of a silver bullet or Tonto.

Put your hands together for the earth’s slow warming

Gently softening its attitude to us as the danger is past

Peace on this earth, no war to remember here

No alien havoc, no Mohammed nor Jehovah

No Thatcher no renegade spears no rape and pillage

No A-bomb, no H, no drugs war, just Bad Lieutenants

And cops shooting blacks in the USA to keep us amused.

Like Bacon and Ice Cream – they melt our hearts.

Copyright B E Saunders 2016


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