This is a story with a difference – it is not for publication so I can leave it online when I leave but the rest are coming down with me in a few ticks – see if you can see what it is that I mean when I say that South Africa is about economic diversity and not the reed end of the whistle, as it is called now.

It is called that because it blows whenever there is a need for help and assistance from the rest of the planet and not when it needs to help itself.  So, let it begin, the economic strife should end with the next election when a different tyran’ is in place – just joking – when a New that is, as New One is in place instead of this snivelling inappropriate man named Zuma who cheers for the call to arms of South Africans when the apartheid era is over yet hails for the help whenever there is a cauldron to be filled or stirred, of Robert Mugabe or the Chief of Police.

It is no’ going to be a One who sees this, it is going to be a 3 since I know of 3 South Africans who can view this and soon I hope to be gainfully employed again and this righteous apposite term called unemployed shall be mine no longer and I shall seen and be heard again instead of being assholed into the coming block of life as a number of statistician’s verbal abuse torrent. i.e. I shall no longer be a number but a Free man and able to do as I seek fit, not what others say I must do to sustain employment figures throughout the harvest month of June.  It is with not a cheer but a wept tear that I see that the South Africa that I know and love is not going to be the end of the scene but the begin again as more and more people seek to leave as the economic term is finally upon them as they face the truth that it is the economic failure of them that has turned them into the cyclops of the world and thus it is that I  preach an economic valuation that is to be found only in the true manifest of countries like Zimbabwe and, maybe in Nigeria, although I know it less.

It is not that I do not love South Africans for I do on the most part for it is a part of my culture too.  But it is with sad heart that I cannot see fit to return until I see someone who is fit to lead taking over the country and addressing the needs of the most junior members of the tyne or tribe – that is the children in need of some form of education, not the working men and women of the apartheid/anti-apartheid era.   They ALL are now or seem to be in the grips of an unseeable form of education known as Entitlement but it is not true that they should be given anything. It is not necessary to have much to be happy but it is necessary to have food and a warm outfit and a roof over their heads.

It is this that I see and it is this that I protest.  It is the form of the event that is possible and the form of the event that is not.  It is not possible and nor indeed is it necessary to give away that which belongs to you in order to make good the power of the struggle to survive. It is the good of the nation that makes it so but it is the good of the nation that needs to be seen to be in the end but a show of hands for the sweep of the incline against the New Thatcherite regime in Britain which we hope gets voted out this Spring i.e. in 3 weeks time or even less, now. It is not going to be a “when” or “we” when it is found that it is the when of the time that is not the end but the begin of it.

The when of the time is about the time that it needs to be soon and not later. Soon and not the latest thing to be seen to be in fashion but the thing that is necessary to be done and that is the when of it, not the why.  When it is time it shall and should be done irrespective of the why.

It is the why that prevents us from being.

It is the rationale behind it that is stopping us from being people.

It is the should and the were that be then end of it.

It is the were and the won that should be the end of it too for it should end.  Now.

And finally it is the when and the word.

Copyright B E Saunders 2016


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