It’s Not Too Far


It’s not too far, say I

Until the next regime comes in

And then another and then a next

But each will drift further from the truth, that is,

That it is for the ennobled one to hold power

And here it is said that it should be.

The one who holds favour with the public?

No, say I, for it is the one who shares the power

Who holds back the wealth

And therefore say I it should be the one who holds forth with

The bitterest smile and retort who should be the one.

And this is Winnie Mandela Senior, not Junior, for she is not a child

And should come to the fruit of the decision within

The next 48 hours or so.

Then we shall see how the public will last as she

Breaks all the bonds that have been put upon her

Through power hungry sharing models that do not

Relinquish those who need freeing

That is the women of the mob.

Copyright B E Saunders 2016


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