Nurse and nun

This has been fun

To be the one who calls the cri-

sis team when they are the ones who need the attendant spear

In the numb skull to tether them to the tree

of Lye and then to open their word with the knee in the groin kind of style

Such that it is a never and a nain not a neigh but a nain such that

It is always incumbent upon a nun to give thanks for the nurse who gave favour

To the deed of men that is who stopped their wanking for an hour or two

While they got on with some work.

Who did? I, said the blind crier from the wasted end of town

There in the harps and mires of the country stood the real

One who is not afraid to be the one but who is afraid to die al-one.


Copyright B E Saunders 2016


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