It seems strange that all you out there

And I attract two psychologists to the audience

One of whom isn’t very different for the rest except

She acquires cavity holes of likes for her importunate offering

To the visa night, in her credit card holding that stops

In a safe tay or way down on the Sin

Of the scene and then tries to get in or there will

Be a wound in the heart of the vagrant night.

By the time it a-comes ot the aforesaid evolutionary tactics

Of farewell

It should be understood that it takes a long

Time for the evil to went its way forth

Unto the plant known as the Cycad

Of note in Mid to Southern Africa for its reknown

embarrassingly beautiful stem like-protrusion

From the ground in a frond-whipped aven

Of open a-sesame type of lingo (joke)

There is a new one and that is me.

Copyright B E Saunders 2016


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