It is not complete that I do not mention what occurred some days ago now – I had a break in with no known cause – leading me to suspect that a detective on the Police Force has been coerced by my political rivals to attempt to stop me from progressing with my PhD.  This has led me to be very silent and quiet about town now as I go about my business aware at all times that I am being watched so they know when I am vacant from my flat thereby going into the place and stealing what they will.  To annoy me to be sure and also to make me complain to the psychiatrist who would then infer that I was ill.  This may be the first time they have employed the tactic or they may have used it on similar occasions.

They will not be awake to the fact that I have not complained to anyone – I wear it on my sleeve so to speak and say nowt for sure they will be aware that I intend to publish this damn thing if it is the last thing I do – to get my name in the checkered lights of fame and Broadway, don’t you know, just like John Nash of the Abel Award in Norway.  For I will be diagnosed with schizophrenia even though it is not as bad as you might think – it is mightily because of my right to silence that they have not had a chance to prosecute me further because of my actions against them and the establishment at the University of Bath.  They could have led me to the slaughter if they had tried to postpone my trial until they said that I was well enough to stand and then they could have kept me in hospital til the end of time, or so they said to a newspaper recently who decided to follow it up.  But even so they have been in charge of a hair ball in the throat of the University of Bath and I am not going to make it easy for them to deny me my place at the rostrum.

Now see this, there is going to be a new one in town tonight and it is not me it is Terry who is going to be a hit with the ladies when he finds out I am not as reliable as he once thought.  I have had enough of this touche or whatever he calls it – I am not going to be a part of his plan and that is final. I give the following words of advice to anyone who is listening.  Wear a condom.  Do not avoid the issue simply because she is white or black or otherwise – if she is attractive then she has had abdominal sex and that is a fact and that is that.  So go to the chemist and get the Johnny and forget about it.

And finally for this episode for there shall be more before the morn if I know me….it is the end of the time for pleasure and the time for work and therefore I see it as so.  Goodbye.  Bruce.

Copyright B E Saunders 2016


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