It isn’t going to be easy to do this but I have to.  I have to tell you what Terry and me had planned before the bust-up which only occurred today – we were going to start a chauffeur business here in Bath by the way of a friend and an acquaintance who shall remain nameless.  But he sees this as an ample opportunity to make more money so he can waste it spunking it up against the wall for his call girl missus who he defeats with every turn of phrase as she wraps him around his cock and puts it in her mouth, unprotected by the way. Such is as it is. BUT and this is a big but, there is no way that I am going to continue with the routine of trying to put together a business with him at the head when he pays so much heed to a madam and her fiancée as her little girl sweetheart pretends to be.  It is a misplaced judgement call on his part of he thinks I will go through with it with him.  That’s the end of the matter.  He’s too unclear about hisself and his duties to a woman irrespective of their output and their age.  And mere mortal that I am I am not going to be the one to tell him so.  Our big partner will tell him or so to speak, I will resign.  That is it.

Next comma, I shall be telling you about our deal with the big dealership of the South but that will have to wait – it is a prize chicken that we have found and it sounds good even though I don’t drive.  Yet for a while it should be good.  I hope that it is cos I have a reason for wanting to go back to South Africa to stay and that is what I want in the whole wide world.  To live in South Africa under my own roof with an affordable house and to write to my heart’s content.

Now seriously I need your full attention for a moment.  It isn’t going to be easy to take to tell you that I almost had a full PhD in Bionics but it is true.  I almost did.  And then I lost it.  I was driven off the course by the sheer misery that the rest of the troop-carrier called the US Nimitz or Bath University, tried to assault and kill me for – my PhD.  Now I need to show all that it is possible to stand up for yourself and that is what I am going to do – I am going to publish a full weight of papers one at a time if need be and so get the full message across – you do not mess with a Saunders. Now it has occurred to me that some of you might be stingy with your time and unable to see the link to one side of the page on my weblog, but it leads to the new. i.e. it leads to the ol’, i.e. it leads to my fantastic research paper which I drafted alone and on standby to take over the Tory Party (only joking)(I am Labour).  I want you to see  for yourself that what I say is true and that it shall be appearing in a Journal of Biomimetic and Robotics in the near distant future i.e. September 2015 and further it shall be under my name and my name alone, no supervisor or messing with co-authors, all of it shall be my own, as selfishly as that.  End of.  End if.  End.

Copyright B E Saunders 2016


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