I kill for the sake of it

I kill for the ache of it

I don’ know the effort unleashed to be

The third in the line to the throne

Of the King

I am a John, a member of the elite

I must be for I have

Not gone too far yet, to be

Afraid of one’s inner strength is to be

Afraid of one another

To be afraid is to be a note from the Saviour of

Our lives who is to be chosen from a few

Or a lest than make up fool

Lest than is not more than it is a fool

Who is a knot and not a knife but a stone

To throw at the individual who

Wrote this song.

It is a knot in a kite string that pulls

At your fingers as you let it out to fool

You into thinking that it is for you

And now it is for me.

Fly your kite where I can see it

And know that it is for the true ream of paper

That I have written for thee

And you see

Copyright B E Saunders 2016


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