The Police and the Drug Squad raid.

I know a girl runs out to be a bit of a blue note herself.

Her life is not the one we think she is.  She does charity work now on the side and she wishes I’d do some but I am sorry Helen of Troy but I am getting serious now.

Hey P and D is the kettle on for the boy in the wood who is about to be implicated in your watch if I do not watch it.

Gold watch = swatch = golden keycase = case i.e. watch = case or court case.


A policeman is watching this now as we speak (that is how it feels to me – I am getting feeds of a voice that it is telling me about police reaction to what I am typing – paranoia or what?  Even to the timing of my typing corrections, a running commentary.  “The policeman has gone silent. ….Oh my God no…..”  ” “They remain silent”  ” Shhhhh” said the voice. “And now they are engulfed…”  “Enough we get the message!”

I got very close to verbatum there and it shows with the final quote as the voices admitted defeat.  For a short time probably.

It will show on their tape of this session.

There is conflict between what I am hearing and what is being recorded and therefore not everything can be noted here.

The voices have gone silent now.  There has been a pause of about five minutes where I have been left alone.  0h35 GMT 29/5/15

Copyright B E Saunders 2016


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