Food for thought

One day he saw a new beginning and he said?  There is a no and a nu and the nu is the same as the no but there is a difference too.

The nu is not the same as the no and the new but the same as the old and the new.  Yes indeedy.

The no is not the old and the old is the new and the nu at the same time and this is the confusing part.  If it is to be understood then one must take off one’s hat to understand.

No thinking just being/feeling that all the same things in life are in fact the new and the old since there is no difference in texture just function.  So they are the same.

WHAT is difference about a new Television set that makes it new and not old?  It is a screen and that’s about it – a visual portal to nothing that is any different but line of sight. If it could see around corners…then that would be a new – to bend light sideways without chord nor ensemble of electronic aid.

But no, it is the same whether it is Baird’s own or Marconi’s if you prefer.  It is all the same and is still viewed with our own eyes.

Now that might change as machine vision improves to the point where robots are making decisions based upon what THEY see but that is the same not different, as man.

It is the same and therefore it is not of the nu but of the new and the old.  There.  I have set things straight.  It is not the new but the old that makes us understand the need for the silence of the person.

The old makes us worship and understand the need for the silence that promulgates from the knees- up.  From the dance of the puppeteer as he handles the strings with deftly wrung fingers of new and old that make us see that it is the puppeteer that makes us soon to be broken from being played with too much.  And too much is too little for me.

Let me break from overplay rather than be ignored as one of the crowd of destitute amongst us with little or no food for thinking.

Copyright B E Saunders 2016

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