4 AM Love Poem on the 4th of September to Silvia

My Sugar is sweet like a bird is soon to be missed
In the Springtime of Love there is Peace of all Will
But that should fall this is not to be unfaltered
But should be a representative of all party political aims
To end justify the use of flame throwers and peace keeping missiles
To harass me into getting you into the sack, Baby!
There is but one flow of tuna and that is upstream from here
So go with the flow and let’s float safely down the stream to
Never never Land of Dorothy and the Sinks of Oblivion called Sleep.
(Bear in mind this is all “Schizo-phrenic Free Verse” such as I promulgate)
I love thee so much my Jewel I could stay up all night writing poetry to you.

Copyright 2016 Bruce E Saunders


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