The Dream Merchant

There are a number of things that make a dream come true

But one of them is not the real thing

It is the dream of an angel without any water

Or any wine to quaff for their thist

Intrinsic in this ploy is the fare

Of the town of Janet

Who believe it to be the cause of all their frustration

At being in the end of all the end of it

So it is not a real thing but an old tin piece of mull

Such that it is the mull that does it and not the mule who

Lacks the salient “e” to make it all the way through

The end of the song and its title track called The End

By the Doors who gave us so many things to listen to

That it is not the one who wins in but the one who wins out that

Makes it all the way to the Door of Perception.

Copyright 2016 Bruce E Saunders


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