Happy Mental Health Week – my Disabled PhD

Hi Folks!  Let me tell you about some of the stuff I have had to put up with as a disabled person in my attempts to gain employment and my PhD, which I deserve having done ALL the work myself barring some microscopy work and being sole author on 2 out of 3 papers.

I was disabled in an unprovoked assault by 6-7 men at the commencement of my PhD in July 2002.  It led to psychological disablement in the form of Trauma Induced Psychosis – try to find a definition of psychosis why don’t you?  Anyway, needless to say I didn’t know what was going on at the time, just that I was becoming more and more depressed and eventually, in no fit state to make that decision – a fact that the University of Bath refuses to acknowledge, I took my research down the hill, home, to finish, away from the University establishment where I had been harassed incessantly, I felt.

For years I have been approaching the University (via e-mail) to consult and negotiate my return to one of only two campuses in the Country (do you see the problem?) that offered Biomimetics, which is my field of specialisation.

Ha ha.

It’s not just Bath University who have discriminated against me, I have not been short-listed at all for a single interview in spite of the qualities which gained me a grant to research Biological Atachment Mechanisms in the first place.

The University on the one hand acknowledges my disability enough to have me placed in a Mental Institution on 6 occassions with their complaints of my persistence, but won’t acknowledge it when it comes to the precious signature that I placed upon a single form, a facile approach.

Not only that but I asked for and received my medical file and in that I found that a Professor of the University Mechanical Engineering Department had approached my psychiatrist (bad practise) and lied, saying I had left threatening messages on his answering machine.  It’s lucky I didn’t end up in Broadmoor!!

Nine years of my life since the first episode have ellapsed – it is clear that the psychiatrist used Giles Hunt’s lie about a threat to detain me in a secure ward, during the time that my father was dying in South Africa – the personal cost to me has been horrendous!

It was by pure luck that via Linked-In I saw my first call for papers in my life, in March this year – and I fired off my first paper, which was accepted and has been warmly received.

I have subsequently fired off two more and I heard on Sunday last that these have been basically provisionally accepted based upon some changes being made.

The University upon hearing from me of my success, has said that it will not give a PhD for “old work” – the University being the institution that is responsible for the huge delay.

Now I have discovered the employment practise called “Two-Ticks” which is supposed to aid the disabled in gaining the cherished interview.

The University of Bath claims to be a Two-Tick employer!

I feel as if I have been bent over a barrel and others have been invited to take turns.

I had to put myself through voluntary bankruptcy because of the University Policy – which is to say nothing, ban me from campus and refuse to acknowledge my existence.  Further, I handed in my papers to Prof Julian Vincent in 2006, March.

I have turned to the Statute books for support only to discover that 2006 is covered by the Disability Employment Act of 1995 and that the current legislation is the 2010 Equality Act which gives rise to the Two Tick best practise code, and I cannot find anyone who can give advice on the old act, even though the tenets of the law must have remained the same.

So I take it up the bum again.

Copyright 2016 Bruce E Saunders

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