It in arrears must do

For it is not going to be third or second when it comes around

To pay the bill

It is not going to be even fifteenth and so it gets destituted to the gross

Unfairness of the potholders that make you want to vomit

about the waste material warmth that lays the end of the world

ago so no so no so no so no so

It is stage fright that makes it so, it is the stage that keeps it here

without getting their fair share of the weak and miserable from outside on

the pavement.  It is a without pardonable way of seeing and believing that gets

too undecipherable to declare untowards.

It makes no sense to see and to be, only to be.

For to be is to be in a frame of reference that is put there

By the bee and the bird but not the frame of reference however it is the

Frame of Judas that uses it as a frame of constitutional replux.

It is the sowing seed that uses the pith not the edgement of the pod, so

It is the edgement of the pod that makes the best soup in eels and bread cochons

Food for the health not the life.

Copyright 2016 Bruce E Saunders


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