The Cause of the Sandy Hook Shooting is fleeting

Bedlam! Bedlam!  Bedlam!

Is no’ just a noise but a place

Where I once nearly finished

My journey when I was compared

To the Georgia Tech Shooter and a potential

Menace to society.

I can tell you about PICU’s and

The difference between a Section Two and a Section 3

Sell you a Section 17

About going over a 9 foot barrier with the aid of a bench

It is all just the start of the end to me

The boundward journey into the start of the

End.  This is not going of praise the British Justice System, to be put away without trial.

To be put in the hands of the medicinal community for the sake

Of not being the real one but the cause of it. At Sandy Hook.

Copyright 2016 Bruce E Saunders


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