Bioman 7

There is only one way to connect the dots of this program of assembly and that is to make some leeway for the fact that I am a disabled man with the able bodied mind of a 50 year old and they say that I am as aggressive as a bomb campaigner here in the UK with my thought pattern a yield of information for them and their computer.  It is a nice thing to be watched so carefully even though I do not go about armed or even wedded to the knife as we call it in the trade.

I wish to see it done that all their items of information be destroyed forthcoming in the crowd of high society men and women who shall come to the Bath of old for some foreseeable future who say it, that the place is haunted.   For I lose things and information all the time as  they get fierce and rob me all they time as they please and see fit to demonstrate it is a conservative plot to escape from their cause of virtue against me.  For if I gain my PhD in the near future from certain said university of Bath then it shall be the end one in the proceedings and not the front.

There are a few matters of concern that I must lay to rest.  I am non-violent now but I have carried a knife in the past, in Hillbrow which is in a safe spot of Johannesburg now.   I do not care who knows this and I do know that I have survived a skirmish or two without harm and this makes me a scary cat to some in the town of Johannesburg.  It is not the first time I have had to endure the mould being broken around me but I feel that it is a necessary wound to heal to feel a mockery for the rest of the world to sing about to get the far right to help me against the local left as it were among the supporters of one don Johnson aka Don Foster, ex-MP and now the end of the road for him.  For using the mason right to print to be able to kill and outright threaten me in the road, against my will preside over the presence of my body in the west of town and to be the wrong un and not the right…

Copyright 2016 Bruce E Saunders


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