Bioman 9

Let it not be fore-swearn that it is a new one for the road itself as I set out to destroy all that become me for the rent for the rent of the posterior of the pig known as David Cameron who wants me to cross sides and walk to the Conservatives in order to gain my PhD from the University of Bath.  It is with no shame that I say this – I know not what it is to say but hear this:  I shall not be the one who lays down arms for the chire of the chair so to speak – for the munt of the spunt of the tol for the mole in the France man is the one who makes it all happen not so Samora Machel and all friends who have been assassinated at one time or another and I include almost Patrice Lamumba.

I want to see that all the parties of the belt stricken ode to the fair be the ones who get the toll to be paid and so the end of the witch hunt be over.

The one who stays with the rest of the bunch and who goes to all and sundry can get their farewell and not the end of it.   It is of no consequence this passage of words as I hide the meaning of this passage deep in it.  I want to know who is trying to kill me? And why?  Because it is happening folks and as long as I stay here typing away I know that soon yes soon I shall be dead!

Boris Johnson is the head

Of a long factory of good intentions are no evil

To hide type of men who

Ganer their well-being through the underwealth

Of the prosperity of the well good based place called

Home,  Knightsbrdge.

Copyright 2016 Bruce E Saunders


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