Bioman 17

It is another time.  It is when the leaves fall from the sky but the crane doesn’t.  It falls only when there is unrest or a deviation from traffic circles above which it towers.  I don’t know what they are asking for in this book but I hope they ask for it and get it in their greedy paws as they want to know what it is like to live with the brain of a cracked scientist?  They need to know so they know whether to feel sorry for me or not or to think it is something that I brought onto myself.  I won’t betray the African way but it is still in the Ubuntu of the tribe to be good and so it is a necessary evil to do so without getting into too much muck.  But it is also a must to be able to be and to be able to be when it is necessary, of violent extraction so as to meet the methods of the opponent such as the SADF.  It fell to me to tell you all that your friend has been detained under the Emergency Regulations Act of 1986 given that they did both of them ask for a long lead to take outside and connect to a lightpost so they said, but they actually went to kill a darkie, they say, hoping it will get them off but it won’t necessarily will it, Sersant Malan?

It will not my Sir and do not care to hear of that here.  The Emergency Regulation Act is defunct under this potential of witness to the case at hand and so it goes that this is going to go to the Supreme Court immediately.  I will not have it here one moment longer!

I won’t give a shit if he gives me any grief I’ll kill him.  I’ll killim good Chi’ an’ then I’ll give it good fucking bye with the knife!  That is what I will do and then I’ll show you two how to cut out the gizzard on a man.  I’ve done it before, on the border, where we served, he lied, with Major Fourie on the escarpment north of the peninsula thereby Walvis.  It was north a bit so you’s not know it now but then, whew, it was a choice bit of landscape.  Now it’s all diamonds and wealth and not the bushmen or the people of the land, you know?  I wish it was a different path that we led ourselves down but then, what does it take to do one then two then three then four books out loud for a period of time to make up a section of maths that does not tide nor turn but only flows straight and true across the landscape of the ulterior motive being to write this book, get this book out and then relax before the next challenge, the next book.  It is not the same as getting into trouble but it saves a lot of money and makes some too hopefully.

I wish that it was possible to get the whole of the Free State into a Saturday afternoon cricket game in Bath so they could see what I have to put up with in terms of delinquent behaviour and necessary art to the skill born as debate and really as heckled speaking to the public, called husting.  It is not the court of appeal that does the decision making but the members of the public who do and so it is within reason to be able to get all the time in the world to do this through the dimension of time relaxing.  I mean, what is the real equation of a line in space when it is not a line but a square with right angle corners.  It is space not time we want to measure so let’s begin by making the way better for the rest by making the box infinitely small and so it can be measured successfully using an electron microscope and then and therefore being able to make it all the way to the beginning again to the start of the full-flow action.  In the full-flow action as I call it, I see that it is against the uel of law to make or break the law in any precinct under the sun and so it shows that it is not the flaws in the argument that count but the counter-punching and that is the matter with this Island there is no counter-punching, just bleah.  So I go forth to learn the art of arguing from the black man himself in Cape Town where I shall be ensconced in the full title dress of Police Officer of the Realm Lieutenant Major John F Ken the Third or such like favourite name for the use of when under cover for the New Branch of the MI6 favourites of Ma’rm and her confederates the new pile drivers in the stock exchange, the energy suppliers who are concerned about South Africa but not their mineral wealth there.  I shall be their man on the inside of the new power supply company called Karachi after the Hitachi, with the same offices but with a different working group given their exchanges with the BRIC countries.  This given, I shall make it known that I shall be needed elsewhere and I shall begin my growth and start to begin to open the minds of the workers in the Universities in South Africa that they needed a union and an ambassador at the conference coming up in the next year in the RSA and did I want to go if no one else did and yes I did if the space was still open at UCT except now I can supply my own funding for the full trip including land rovers and pool.

It is a shame that none of you could see this now – my moment of triumph as I finally write something good.  And for the first time I shall be confident to leave all behind in my search fro a publisher in the first time edition of this paper in the explanation of which shall be included the excuse that I was assaulted and I have developed this style which was an excuse for a hearing disability and a normal way of being, namely schizophrenia.

I want it to be known that it is no more than a hearing disability and no more. It does not affect your brains or make you more susceptible to more brain infections. It does however make you see the end of the loop and not the start.

Copyright 2016 Bruce E Saunders


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