Bioman 10

The newest type of orthogonal set to come out of the mathematics department at Wits is to delve deep in the legacy of wits to see if it is school for thought or if it is school for mention in history as having a distorted view of life since it became free.

It is not going to be easy to say this but I believe it is of true noteworthy experience to see that it is dangerous to the rest of the world for its history of being repressed and so should it be a closed institution until it should be better assuaged for its beginnings as a slave institution.  It is a note worth making it to see the whole value of the system and not just the fruit of it they say and so it should be that the whole of the influence of its fat graduates should be seen as a whole influence on a generation who feel it is okay now to be a little racist occasionally as it shows they are the people who live and work there and not the rest of us who sit and look on.

It is a real thing this get together of minds that lets us get the whole meal and not just the strength of it – to be able to get the whole nourishment from our experience at Wits means to be able to take it into hand and think about it as a whole thing – how it influenced our way of doing things and how it makes us feel it is the end of the time for a real one and the start of a time for a real one-two – i.e. marching orders are about to be launched as they seek to make me aware of the need for more from us.

It shames us to see and feel that it is the same place as it was of old, namely a shapeless entity that does not care for its student population with any feel for it.  i.e. it does not know when to start to try and bridge the gap between wealth and poor – it needs only to find the one who can – and that is/was me until a recent time when they all gave up on my return as a spokesman for the union there.  It shall be a saint that gets in and gets them free and it shall not be me but another kind of man/woman, a black one who shall make it clear to all and sundry that I yes I have not been remiss but have been assurre or assuaged of my ideal of being the king of the parliament of England yet again.  I shall not be.

Copyright 2016 Bruce E Saunders


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