Bioman 11

Boris Johnson turned on the taps on me during my PhD as he said why not rain on my parade and so he did – making my time at the Make Poverty History Rally a misery as he robbed and stole from me playing chess with me from a distance along with his supporters here at Bath University numbering all one and a half namely Tony Mileham and his friend Michael Carley.

He is now alone and waiting to hear the verdict of the result of my hearing against the NWA or North West Alliance or the Nor’way Ge tha’ ti’ sort-of-thing type of place called the Fall of the House of Plagiarism namely he.  He is the end result of a number of fair readings of the plebiceant name of the jew called Judah who stabbed me in the back a number of years ago and hence it is he the brother of me who is to die now.

Copyright 2016 Bruce E Saunders


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