Bioman 21

It reached to the end of the corridor, the end of the field and the end of the row but not to the end of the fiatra or field as it is called in some African language I cannot remember.  It is short and sweet but not very comfy and long from the household usage of old it is a call for the white settler to be able to get all of its perfect timing together in order to be able to make this into a coherent fashionable enclave of witnesses to the fact that this is the third time I have started a book and this time it is for keeps.

I won’t keep you anymore than to say this:  I was always a member of the African National Congress and that is the truth I just didn’t know it yet.  Now I do and so it is with fair mind that I say so and do what I can to get back there so I can serve my country and its peoples to the best of my ideals.  I want you to understand and to know that it is without any form of inconsistent move that I make that I begin to know that there is this make or model of form of card manufacturer who gives all the cards handlers their own car so as to make sure they do not get into the wrong one and get stolen away for ransom or some such excuse but really they are trying to make us all believe it is a bribe for big industry.  It is but it is a necessary one to keep the fair exchange of risk to value in place. But there is another type of thing going on which is the irrespective change to the climate of the negotiating process between South African whites and the ANC with Zuma appealing to all to maintain the pace of productivity to make the country thrive and that meant that everyone had the ability to move forward and not just the black empowered ones who need it.  This is not going to be easy today dear Jacob but it must be thought that there is a way of dealing with this scenario that does not include the backward movement of the particle but the forward ambition of the player to be able to get the whole one out of the ne’er do well mentionable known as the ANC.  The whole one is the whole particular person known as the seer and the seer is the man who can anticipate the movement of things and begin to understand where to stand in order to receive the ball.  The ball is about to play the rest of the field down to the ground level of effect and virtuous behaviour shall not be repeated for you.

I wish it to be known that all the Laws of God have been made to be the same and due to the moment of the time it is any man’s guess what it is that can be associated with the crime of having a voice to say what you will in parliament in South Africa.  Because if you don’t and I mean the whites, I see that it will be a time when the inswing of the movement will out take the bails so to speak and that will leave a rudderless ship needing relief in a quick way, not manufactured in parliament, then it is assured that you do not see.  You are blind. And so it is without need for a make shift manoeuvre that we say that this is not going to be the one who sees it, it is going to be the one who beads it into submission with worry beads of course.

No need for those of you who are of a nervous disposition to sit out this next break for I shall tell you that all is a mystery to me until the time of writing this and so I can go slow for all I care without reason for wanting to.  Just apologies to the Pope for resisting the introduction of gay marriage into the Catholic countries of the world and see that it is all about putting it up each other’s place of poo and I mean that – they all want to shit on each other’s dick’s up here in the North of England and Scotland to say the least, but also in the south too, where all the rugby boys have their plays of passion with each other so as to see each other in the basques of their favourite pin-up queen.  It is not going to be the first time I say this but it may be the final, for it is about to come to pass that I have written the two chapters that I want.  I now have to send it to a publisher. But in doing so I mst put the proof in the post to me and so get all the people to understand that I take it seriously if they steal my work without my knowledge.  I will be the anal man and the anal woman shall be A E Rivenbark – if anyone should see her or my stuff anywhere while we publish online then please call us?

Copyright 2016 Bruce E Saunders


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