Bioman 23

This is a not and a know and a now and a why but not a why and a woe it is a wo no go unto the forest of the Edenish of all, the possibility of all the fellow right furbrothers have been able to go to the Avon and Wiltshire Constabulary in Avon Down West Somerset and see if they could get all the new start and stop buttons and badges out the boot of their patrol car, which had been started and stopped numerous times by the interpreter of the New Scientist magazine so as to afar and near make it into the go and the slow lane as far as the eye can take one.  It is a still and dangerous night but still they do not come, he thinks, and says to his partner leaning against the steering wheel, “What do you say to the need of the population of Europe to be the ones who can get the most pocket money for their children but who still give the least to charity is the kids themselves.”

Well I don’t believe it a bit and so it goes but so it goes and so it goes and so it goes and so. (which means “life is fine, life is fine, life is fine” in Carew of East European and Portuguese Middle America and the West of the Caribbean). So the rest, above, must equally be in code mustn’t it?

Well it is.

So when it is the time for all and sundry to make it to the west of the town for the goal of the month competition at the West of England sound studios then it should be felt that it was the one who gave it to the end who made it and the one who gave it to the start who didn’t.

It is the end of the start of the finish and so it is and so it is and so it is. (which means again in Carew: “I don’t mind if you let down my tyre but do not open my revolt!” which means in turn in Carew Senior, another term of use out there in the Caribbean, for the maid of honour has to be the one who gets in the old and out of the new and into the old and out of the new and is it is said to go.”

I need some time to think about the open and closed system that makes up the wheel and the arch of a car.  If a car is about the same size of the craft as the craft is of the car then what is the boat to car ratio that lets a car become a boat and not a car again when it resolves into a fast car?  And what is the final date of the final destination of all the rest of the wagon wheels?

It looks like a cardboard copy of all the wheel nuts in the world coming loose doesn’t it?  How could anyone know a thing like that? Well the answer is 42 and 1/3 but not at all the right times for the run of the mill car to make it in the water and out again and therefore it must be necessary to be able to plane across the surface of all the pane and suffering of the world without being one of them who gets all the wrong in the end and now it’s so and so it is, it is, it is, it is, it is, it is.  And so.  And so.  And so.  And so.  No so go to so go to so go to so go to  no so go to no to no so to go to go no so to.

Copyright 2016 Bruce E Saunders


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