Bioman 26

This isn’t even going to take a moment to contemplate so here goes:

This is about to be the error in our/my ways as we begin to influx the timing with a new repeal such that it does not chime for the many but only once.

It is not a going to be a when or a why but a who dunnit and so it shall be thus.  Who dunnit you ask?  Well I shall tell you a story now which will set your ears on fire with laughter and with pity and with pain.  Such it is.

I do not see that you understand what has come before you in the previous texts that make it so unavoidable to see that the average guy does not understand that it is about the injury sustained during an attack on the Bath streets of the order of mission-based i.e. ordered from above to make me aware of the locale, namely the north side of Bath and the entirety run by the orphan mastitution (or narrator) named John Graves.

I will not be able to tell you everything in one sitting so bring you smoke and your baccy next time round and I’ll see to it that you all get in and get out, do you get my meaning?

Now, here tell:  I do and do not and therefore I say this to you.  I know what it is that makes you want to read and that is the name of the game. If I told you all then…I would give up the narrative for a better man to say what it is not and so I need to convince you that what Isay is true.

That I did lose a tooth through the improvince of the name of the songbird i.e. Kristina and therefore I need not say what it is that I know – that all is not sundry it is call-of-the-wild wide open to attack and assault as I finish my three contributions to the science of Biomimetics.

I will not have it you say.  He didn’t even know it at the time that it was all going to go like this, like the end of the world hadn’t come to him already and therefore held no resolve to him against the odd days or the even as he clumb aboard the waiting titan that had all but ready the all but effortless type of surl known as the surliquy of the Surl or the Surlness or –net and so it goes.  I want to say this:  it has come to my attention that all have been able to get all of the one and two into the devon marques and thus it is that I commend you Bruce Saunders for making the breadboard come forward and wain the wool from the eye s of thee your mum the Queen.

It is within my power to thee to lend upon thy statutory fickle thy nude vainglory should about its own being bear fruit upon which to start anew.  It is not a fair nor fighting chance I give you but a fear to thine own curse upon which fell you to be the one who could and therefore did and could not bear the choice between each other and then gave forth and to them all gave a chance to get their weight together and servitude and in hate for the one called bruce e that is bruce edwards or in this case bruce edward saunders of course.  I know that I shall be the only vessel upon the sea to get through to the final eight for the top scientists of the year and that shall be a mean feat for set upon this shall be the feat of knowing where to find the core of the responsibility and that is at Claire Short’s feet the au naturelle sort of woman who is testing me she feels, not knowing in which how she is festering in my soul for it is her that I want and I shall preach to the high heaven that I shall call her by her name in due front of it, the court that is.

Copyright 2016 Bruce E Saunders


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