Bioman – Introduction 3

There is a fine line between the know-it-all and the know-it-some and the know-it-some is about to find out that to know all is to know some plus the rest of it without knowing it, for the fact of the matter is that the know-it-some knows it all but doesn’t know it yet whereas the know-it-all has some time to go before he realises that he doesn’t.  I once said that I heard Chris Hani come to me in a dream one morning and say that he was a little premature in saying that the battle for the South African peninsula had been won and that there was a need for all to be able to see that it was the end of the way forward through peace and that it was about to be the way forward with a wonderful war called the Edge of the World battle against the souls of the survivors who will always be there.  It is not going to be the easiest thing in the world to convince you this but it is going to be the fastest since it is the fastest in the world who lead the others across the gate and style of the fence without being able to stop the rest of the flock from following.

I want to see you show your hands if you want free and fair elections in the next South African election, minus Nelson Mandela there to over-see it and they are all going to be there, all the swing favourites who want there to be a one and a two, who can be there for the rest of them and they are all there for the rest of us too.  I will not be able to see them all play if I stay here much longer and they are all going to be the best instrumentalists in the world if they all make it here in place of it all being in the same majority measure of the time and the space of it all.  There are a number of things that can be done to stop the flow of all the ways and there is a number of things that start and finish with the name of it, and the name of it is the cow who gave birth to me namely my Mum named Jean and her family of the Robertsons who still favour the wedding of the King of the Class and the King of the weddern modern style of wearing the large style king-sized route way all the time style of getting there on the end of the easy ride from the Bethlehem style of making it all happen.  This meant at the time that all and sundry shall be fourth and fifth of the date from whence they all came and it is so and so it is.  It isn’t going to be the easiest thing in the world to say this, but I feel that there should be war in SA and that is because I think that they have not given it enough thought that there isn’t.

I wouldn’t be in this position if I didn’t think it was so.

I wouldn’t be sanctioning it if I thought it was the time to be afraid of the boer.  I think it is time to be a friend of the black labourer and not the friend of the white slaver like de Klerk and the rest of them who have all been a terrible blight upon the landscape of the South African Theatre of war since they were born into the world.  I will not be able to tell you all the story without being able to go back in time and I shall, in a moment, to the days of old when they all called it South Africa and not RSA as it should have been.  Republic of was forgotten by the rest of them for the reason of being in the way of seeing that it was a republic and therefore not a Queen’s vestigial estate down in the area of the world where all as fine when the blacks were working on developing the country for the free market economy and not for the mere black authority over it.  I would be the first to say that there is a new one in the fold of the tine and that isn’t me it is the new one called the Winnie Mandela font or those who support her through the struggle to be heard above the words of the mighty one called Joe Slovo who isn’t going to know it but he is in my head too now, since he heard about the start of the race for the win and the race for the winning time against which we shall all be the first to know it as the first of time and the last of time-ess or time-essence.

I will be the one who tells all but does not tell it for the one who dos but for the one who does not and the one who does shall be the one who should have been and that does not mean there is a way through but a way through it shall be there for all the ones who did not to see, that it is the one who did not who did and the one who didn’t who did.

I will tell you now that I want to be the first to see that it is the end of the world as we know it and they begin to understand that it is in the interest of the vast majority of people in the RSA that they all begin to fight with the common sword of decent living rights and the way to be that way is to take all the foreign people into the woods and shoot them when they are all about to run away and there should be a better way to do this without being in the way of the production of the biggest slide the world has ever seen such that it does not go all the way into the sea but still says that it is okay not to slide down it unless you are white and able to see the end of the time when it is possible to do so.

Only those who are able to see the end of the time will be allowed to slide down it and enjoy the sensation of being free with the other comrades of the wet and dry, the west and the rest shall be able to say nothing as we get together and make sure that the right wing of South Africa is all the one who is there and not all the one who is not.

Copyright 2016 Bruce E Saunders


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