Bioman D14

I have been under a lot of strain.  It has caused me to forget and de-emphasize and this is about to start the tail with a boom!

I lost a tooth in sight of my friend and I need to see that it is avenged by me on the wearwithal of the boot and the stump that shall go with it.

I nary have been so sore about anything in my life as this and so it is that I must write it all down hence to make a sense of it all and to make it sure that nothing is about to be believed but me.

I trust that you shall be aware and able to make the transition as I now begin to get to the story in earnest and there is a new one called the Boss who is about to take over the union of the University of Bath and that is going to be me.  I swear.  I will need some friends in order to do it and I shall get them from South, form the place I call home that is, SA and the new -fangled hope called the ANC.

I hope that it is about to make it all the same.

I hope it is all about to make it all the same for you as it was for me then and then you shall see how terrifying it has become as I edge towards a victory against the evil one known as Steve Wharton-Curry and his beleaguered UCU.  I will not hesitate o get the real one out in the open, namely the Mike Catt of the situation, namely ProfTony Miles and his crew as they know it they are about to see they have no issue with me other than their own grievous bodily harm to my person and they know it.

I shall make it redeemable as I make it known that I shall not be here for the rest of the day now that I have said that.

Copyright 2016 Bruce E Saunders


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