Black Hole

It was the end of the time for flourishing

and the begin of the start of the holidaytime

where all should be the fruit of their one

and only fervent hope.

It should all be fair and final

but it shall be the end of the tine that makes

for all their useful timing to be for

the wrong reasons and the wrong timing

so that all should be awake to the fact

that all are being monitored by GCHQ

at the hand of the foreign devil

Barack Obama.

This is the one who put the all in

all-Bran and the bran in the fruit called

the may riser, a little known apetizer of all thin whens

It is a berry.  A berry shall be the thing

that makes all the one-two-three-fours to be far from

all the wankers and I’m starting to get there too, now.

By all that’s been and that will come I will see

that it is about the real and unreal thing called

Nuclear Fallout that makes us all be there and know

that it is the endless hope for the war to be won against

the foul-measured system called Internet.  No wonder the

whole of the yankee service is coming to call us the dumbest

City/State in the US.  The dumb and the not-so have all been inter-

upted by the sign of the time, the dubious knowledge that

all the fair and all the foul have been surcosed into being the real

and they are all being sold by the penny and the pound.

[Black hole is the name of the program at GCHQ which monitors all users of the internet – everyone who has EVER visited a website]

Copyright 2016 Bruce E Saunders


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