The Mad Scientist and God

The mad scientist reached out

And raised the sonic boom

So we could walk through without

Damaging our minds

That were not built for that

The heart of the moment is




In this instant of maid-mockery

I wonder

What is the right way to open a bar

Without closing you to the one

Who goes in without drinking

But only to imbibe

The atmosphere of renewal and faith in the good Lord

Jesus. I will be truthful and see here

That it is the most surprising thing for me to

Read that here but it is the demand of my skryf, my Art

That I put it as it comes out for I need

A brain to sing with too.

I am the Christian Scientist you dreamt about

Not the one who opens the flow

With a count of the bodies but with

A float of real change to come.

It is about the one who comes last in this case for he

Brings up the rest of the crowd and shows them the

Ideal such as is to come

Without fear of retaliation

For he is a One and an “O”

As you see it, in parts a more than

And in the other

A less.

I will see it here but I will

Not believe it when I read this back to


Copyright 2016 Bruce E Saunders


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