CODESA and the Culpable Murder of Death Itself

CODESA was an annual event

until the boer

Made it official to talk

about the blacks in

Public open air before

The boer memorial.  Then

It was offensive to move the cattle between

The boer and the moer who deposited it there.

It will be them as to whom and then without


Who ask for more than they should.


that I shall not meet thine maker hitherto

unknownst to me and heretofore

not alone and not scared to see that

it is about the thee and me in the arm

of the Struggle and the real

mater is the pay-strip on your


I will be then and always

Thither but never

Here for thine is the Herald of all

Things to be here and there for ever more

In Jesus our Lord.

Copyright 2016 Bruce E Saunders


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