When to stop

Fuck this place man

I’m on the way out of here

I cannot stand the porn on my Skype

Nor the porn on my wall

The porn on my wall makes me want to

Wait for the best and yet

It’s the porn on my screen

That makes me want to hurl

I went to the market to see some cool

And found out it was just another fool

Trying to wend and ware their

Pussy on the web.  Eee-ah but it’s

Not the salvatory to be able to be seen

With a new breast implant

It’s the new thing called the budget of each

And every man and woman

To pay for more milk than is

Intended for nursing.  Children

Do it but kids know when to stop.


Copyright B E Saunders 2016

    • It’s a Sunday morning and i am not sure I am awake yet, but it still goes through the mind that there is alot of things in our world that are wrong and that is the commercialisation of women into porn industries – it destroys the tapestries of our existence and wants and needs are not satisfied they are played with and tantalised and…who knows how a disabled man would feel if confronted with such beautties (for they are) who not only don’t care for men but don’t care for life either. Imagine being confronted with a live sex show where the disabled man gets to hold onto the wealth of the Nature and sees that it is the abled bodied ones who are degenerate and not only that, unable to fulfil their place in society, as nurses or those who can help the sick. Yeah.

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