Big, bad Mushroom

How’s this, IG, I had forgotten it completely



Big, bad mushroom

Whereabouts are you now

For I have seen you in the wind and

I have seen you in the time

But I have not seen thee without tyre aboutst the middle

Of your thorax like a naked pussy

Waiting to be handled from afar

With a Bridgestone gap between your teeth

And an enema for a tongue

You sleuth the outset of the trauma laden filth

And it becomes you to be so.

Mushroom man, you mushroom fan,

Be not forth unto the swear of the fruit of the labour of Man.

Be the one who is the true saviour of the coming of Christ our Lord

Through the faith of the silver barrel on the gun.

A 45, a peacemaker, not a jewbreaker

Or a massive thief of the electric cacophony of sound

That comes through the ether to you.

You Mushroom man…

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  1. When I write – I literally write and post. I don’t look back and so I don’t remember this one. I keep a Word copy but no other notes. This is clearly quite trippy. In the mountains, you’ll have come across a few no doubt, muchrooms that is, that you are or are not supposed to eat. I have a few friends….who indulge of the Somerset varities or even further afield, to Nottingham. So..


  2. Did this mean any war??? N wat is “there are 16” n wat “the mushroom man really means” ….. .


  3. If the globe is a cube with flat sides then it has eight extrior corners and eight interior corners….? Therefore sixteen. That I remember. The mushroom is analagous with atomic war too of course, but it is also the act of ating a sometimes a little squelchy and part-decomposed fungi, the texture and the sensuality of the indulgence it provides…


    • I mean – drug taking is extensive and even extends to poets.


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