The Runner

The facemask makes me sing

The laughing gas makes me cry

With envy for the man

With his hand

in my mouth

Oh to change positions

And swing from an anvil

As to see what it makes when it

Is allowed to grow.

Is it about the time in the nice-time hazardous waste

That makes us understand that it is about

The whend of the fjord and the curvature of

The path that we uphield

And uphold?

Copyright B E Saunders 2016

    • Good Morning to You Sweetheart – this of course refers to the movie “Marathon Man” with Dustin Hoffman and his encounter with a Nazi Dentist. It also refers to a term used by South Africans (white and Conservative) to those who have used their freedom to take the fight to other shores. They do not understand at all whichis why they stay and stop the necessary change. It also refers to a little competition I had with a man named Bannister, like the 4 minute miler of the ’50’s. I lost a tooth.

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      • :p

        Sorry abt tooth : (

        Was dat a movie? Okk! M gonna search : p

        How was dat program? @oxford

        Also; goodNoon. Here’s 3:12 pm : ))

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      • Yeah “Marathon Man” is a 70’s movie and it’s great – about a journalists and a Nazi and stuff. Very well put together. Oh – it’s 9.29am here. Namaste my Dear. He lost an eye, you might say. Anyway, Hambe Gahle!


      • The Oxford presentation depends if I can get £400 together and is in July and should be v important. Something is rumbling underground and i can feel it.


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