The Controller

He’s fallen in love with one of his controllers

Like with a new wave of feel-free kinda whole

Knowingly opening the reciprocality of it with

A restitutional vacant lottery style of

Fee paying toll.

It is about to be felt through the arteries

Of the body of musculaturical openings that delve

Deep into the mind

Of the caveman.

I won’t ask for them for the rent

But I will ask for the readymade time for the real

One to come.





Copyright B E Sunders 2016

1 comment
  1. This is about a book I am writing to do with the Voice Hearer and the way they all accept that it is a fungoid and not a Herschel problem. It is a star eyes person who knows little about Voice Hearing, who thinks it is fun to be diagnosed schizophrenic and thinks it is a get-out of everything. But it is a problem and must be stopped from being misdiagnosed.


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