Deuteronomy is a men and a women and also a fie.  A fie is the dearth of all evil under the sun.

It has been seen that all the fair nators of the planet are available to get all the long and the short of it a long way to be gotten to.  It is about the one who is and not the one who isn’t said God and he is then and there the one who is about to be here and now then and there the one and the only one even if it is about time that he did and did not.

It is about the then and the thesn’t and here we are.  I will be there and then and this and thy and thnot and thee putchansky and thus it is. I will be then and there the first and the dolloped of all the then and there and the then and this and that so be it so be it so.


Copyright B E Saunders 2016


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