D’Verse: Ode to the Moon

Hello my Love

Thank you so much for appearing here yet again today

On my blog

Just to see you here on my stats helps

Just to check

To show me you are there






Copyright B E Saunders 2016


D’Verse Open Mike Night – The Moon

  1. SMiLes my friEnd
    Bio-man.. so true..
    a moon WiLL
    shine freely
    on aLL
    blog posts..
    findS inSpiRatioN
    oF liGht no matter
    welcome or delete
    sAMe.. heHe.. noW
    as long as my moon shines
    aS Love..:)


  2. Very nice poem but not a haibun. Today is Haibun Monday which means we write haibun to a prompt. Thank you for trying. You may want to go and read other entries for today and see what a haibun is. It is a prosimetric form based on the original travelogue by Basho. One to three tight paragraphs are ended with a true, classic haiku.


    • It;’s quite funny – I don;t mind criticism but perhaps you would like to read a poem that is a haibum – tonight’s and not last week’s which was not?


      • Yes, I would love for you to submit a haibun about the night sky for today’s prompt! Please feel free in submitting one. the prompt is open for several days.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Thank you. the link is not yet showing up on my site so I shall be around directly to read and enjoy.

        Liked by 1 person

      • You will need to link up this at Mr. Linky on our webpage and as of this reading, I do not see your haibun.


      • That’s strange – not under the name “biomansecure”?? Because it is there I assure you!


      • I see the poem you submitted that you wrote last week but no “biomansecure” on the Mr. Linky on the dVerse Poets Pub page.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh well, I’ll pass on it. Thanks for the offer..


    • I’ll tell you what – you continue to be sarcastic with the Mentally Disabled like you know it is too much to ask to check your own history and follow the links. Fuck Off Sister!


  4. I finally found the link of which you are speaking, under a reply from Katiemiafrederick? You need to link it to the Mr. Linky on the dVerse Poets Pub page so others can read it. Like I said in the prompt, if you are unfamiliar with the haibun form, then you need to read the posts of others linked on the dVerse Poets page. The haibun as you have written it is interesting, however, you did not link it. I’m not sure what all the “consider yourself reprimanded” is about and why the link is on the Katiemiafrederick reply to yourself. Otherwise….


    • Fuck you and your “otherwise”. Would you like me to explain machine architecture to you as well and how to click a few extra times cos you are “lost”? Don’t expect a happy answer from a asshole who has no respect for lazy minds.


      • No. I do not need you to explain machine architecture to me or anything else. You are a rude and crude man and I hope you go someplace else to insult other people and make your day perfect for you.


      • Oh – so you’ve read my poetry then Sweetheart – wafankulu!


      • Tell me – I am disabled – what is YOUR fucking excuse for breathing and getting your rocks off wasting my time with your lack of computer skills?


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