One of Those days

It’s one of those days and I am pissed off.  I have JUST submitted my fourth paper of my Ph.D. thesis and I am STILL unemployed – going on for ten years now.  I’m a qualified Mechanical Engineer for fucks sake!

So I am going to write some poetry.

It could be quite angry stuff.

Here goes!

The Swine!

They stop me from doing

What I want to

And that pisses me right


And makes do with the four letter


Called the right-on or the thumbs down



And no

And not.


Copyright B E Saunders 2016

  1. LiteraryFuzz said:

    Powerful stuff, and relateable too.

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    • I ponder long and hard over a response to you, young student. Don’t get in too much debt whatever you do as money is the source of life and it Does make the world go round too. Do not repeat Not try the heroin and the smack on the street – do it on your own in your own town where you have support of your family and those who can be there for you in the Long Run. And finally – keep smiling!

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