Haibun – Twinkle-twinkle

Roll up, roll up!  It’s the D’Verse Haibun Monday and I am struggling on as usual.

I  don’t think I have the haibun idea right yet.  This is about the night sky under sail mid-Atlantic.  But here goes:

The deck lifts ones weight and falls under the Southern Cross. The green flash long since past with the the sun, sails flap and the hull gurgles, stars in the ocean wake dance.


Cutting swells, under sail power

The lift movement dwells

Moon seeks canvas

D’VErse Poetry Evening


  1. Joon said:

    “moon seeks canvas” … I LOVE that!

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  2. First of aLL.. Bioman aka Microman..
    Hello.. i don’t think the administrator(s)
    had enough common ingenuity..
    or perhaps technical ‘expertise’..
    at dVerse.. to check your current post
    here for the dVerse prompt.. to make
    sure your last one didn’t post on the linkie..
    by accident.. on the list as you don’t link often at dVerse…
    ‘They’ usually help newer folks with this…

    Usually.. the last poem pasted..
    remains there.. on the linkie list..
    until it is changed to another link address..
    this is the one they can’t find.. on the current linkie list…

    Now.. back to your
    nice Haibun about the
    Southern Cross starry skies above…

    People used
    to treat folks like
    stars enough to find/see them..
    and allow them to fully clarify/verify..
    and validate tHeir communication too..

    i do Fredbun and Fredku
    And Martial Arts Fred Fu..
    the FucK aWay from
    Form.. NoW..
    Have a nice day..
    with essence..
    mY friEnd..:)

    iS core
    Star Force..:)

    i worked for the Federal
    Government for 25 years..
    the form monster almost killed
    me.. i left THAT so far bEhind…
    noW.. i have
    thE Yoda
    Force bacK
    as L i G H T..
    aWay from the
    dARk Force Form..

    oF liGht
    iS wHere it’S aT..;)

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  3. I don’t know about true form haibun. I told another blogger the other day, Jane Reichhold, now passed on bless her dear soul, wrote a haibun pages long. Autobiographical text interspersed with haiku. Basho himself wrote a few paragraphs then a haiku, some more paragraphs another haiku and so on. The paragraph here is very poetic already in it’s own right, which is the way I’d want and did write on numerous occasions. I love the comment by KatiemiaFrederick. They’re usually spot on, maverick and appropriately rebellious. Loved the paragraph of text, the haiku was a bit limp after such a poetic effort. The moon seeking canvas is a joy to contemplate. Much regard. Petru/


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