The Art of Solitude

I feel for the Mentally Ill

On their solitary journeys

Of internal flight

As it is done

That no one


The solitary and no one

Knows the real tiniest bit

About what it


To be






Copyright B E Saunders 2016

    • It’s a cultural think, I think…I think of some Turkish kids I once watched diving off a pier in Marmaris, and how they all looked after and played with a disabled brother. Comparatively, the British way is heartless, and it goes right to the heart of the family and selfishness….

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    • But also, I think that the Mentally Ill are on a solitary internal journey and families do not realise it whereas the ill do realise they are alone, in a way. Hence the self-centred approach of their psychoses…

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      • God help everyone , we just need to be strong in the mind

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      • That is the Art. To find the strength to stand alone, well, one might look a bit battered after the fight, but it takes genuine strength to manufacture one’s own supports.

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      • You take care, just remember like is not so bad after all , let’s count our blessings. On that note , I will take your leave. Give yourself a relaxed weekend.

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