Bomb Threat

If I strap a bomb upon my back

As I stroll into a family reunion

Please excuse me!

I don’t need a drink

I need some fun!

I need some more, I need some more

And I shall find it

Under the

Tomb of my Mother and Dad

Where I shall be

The one who isn’t falling

Out with God.


Copyright B E Saunders 2016

    • Hey Yes it’s good to get a comment, always. Yes this is juts a grump at my family and the breaching of bonds of trust. You see, an inordinate amount of responsibility is placed at the hands of ones next-of-kin when under psychiatric supervision. And an awful lot depends upon ones relationship with them, such as it is. It has led me to the resolution that in Medical terms, I have no next-of-kin. There you go – an unforeseen side effect of being exposed to the mental health system and the Right to Choose.

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      • You will be okay Bruce. Take care my friend.

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      • Don’t worry – it’s like punctuating a poem with a comment. Thanks for the visit!! Take care!


      • Families always fight , you must know that.

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      • Mine are ALL at a distance of 6 000 miles or more so they place me in the care of the State – which is fine BUT it should not be under their control. Treatment is about insight. I understand the meaning of the word. Now. Any misbehavior on my part is seen as a blemish for them and they resolve it by putting me in the hand of “trusted” psychiatrists of the medical field that is inordinately under attack.

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      • It is not a thing to do to one’s own blood. You must bring them to their senses.

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      • Are you getting shock treatment like how they show in the movies.

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      • No – I am simply on anti-psychotics that are steadily destroying my physical health and because they have an insomnia side effect they give rises to hallucinations. Hearing voices – so my Mental Health is being effected too. All because State Health and the psychiatric model they employ. DSM. Anyway, that means that I am able to write free handed most of the time without thought and that means that I shall be tireless in my effort to get published.

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      • Stop the pills or whatever they are dosing you with. . I swear. You will be okay. Do that.


      • Why do you need someone to tell you what to do with your brain or body


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