For your Wall


These are Rules to stick onto your bedroom door, depressed and alone.


  1. Once you have been in a Mental Home

You are the only one trying to keep you out

    1. Madness CAN be Divine – one can experience God-like delusional mentalities like Michelangelo – do-gooder mentalities.

    2. It is not just the damned who end up in Hell – it is the unloved too

    3. To hear a Voice is sustaining through thick and thin – it makes you go and come and go and come but not give an inch.

    4. I will be bland and say – it is about time that you all realised that I am cooked as in goose.

    5. So well done, in fact, that I can smell my own nose and it is parched from the disease called life.

    6. I want to tell you that I do not give a damn about the rest of Bath at all and I do not. I give nothing for them at all and I would dispel all rumour to the conflict thereof.

    7. There are numbers and there are plenty of friends too, who give a chance to you as a winner, Monsieur Blair, and I do not.

Copyright B E Saunders 2016


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