INTO: () Interpretation of my genome….

It states that I am

from (1) the only living relative of the Known Man known as Dad but I am not since there are two more after all, namely the junct and the junctor, namely Claire and Stuart since Jane, you are actually the daughter of a man named John A Schut or Ton Brye of the Rebate Society in Philadelphia who traveled to Britain during the war to fight and his real name, Jane is/was

Charles A Schultz of  Peanuts fame and since he is still alive he has just found his long lost daughter…namely you!

He was a flyer in those days, of Bomber Command and a very brave man which is why he gave his life to entertaining children to get away from the war.

They also say he is the model upon which Catch-22 was based, one of my favourite books.  Bing cherries anyone?

Anyway it is about time for everyone to go to sleep now so I will continue with the sequence and its secrets tomorrer but I will say this Tim Hobson – you are a cad!


Bruce E Saunders/Bryte Saunderssn

Copyright B E Saunders 2017


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