The once was a weatherman called fish

who starred in the Steve Bell cartoons of the Guardian

with Theresa May

he dominated the proceedings of love for the Missus

known as Bell for she loved not me

until I shook my hand

at the rook of the predentiary

battle known as Bath and Cliff

for then she understood that I would stand up to the masons that numbered the right and left of the town.

It took a long time to get noticed for it took

no more than the reaper to gain the knowledge

that I had been killed a number of times

only to be resurrected as Angel

the one She talked to

The Queen

through the work

of the band called Take That (-cher) and their assault on me to set in motion

the future

as they saw it

and Robbie Williams the toolhead

who shirked with Don Foster

his emblem as a Saint to be here

in the days before it.

It took a long time for it all to come into being

and now they seen-and that I am not a fool like they seem to thinking that I have a Ph.D. now

and them as top know should be able to make it here too

but they do not

for it is against the rule of engagement

for they do not knowledge but I am about to reak

with flesh of the yell and the yolk

for it is about to be told that Dyson is the man-shower who financed for Ken Loach

the creation of a being

called Cameron and the rook

has fallen now

from grace and fervour.



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