Sometimes the tsunami is foreseeable

and there is nothing left for us

to do but frolic

in the waves of disaster,

our backs turned to the ocean,

bearing spines to the inevitable

fracturing force of the gale

and tide.



We know we shouldn’t, but adjudged

by our fellow man we seek

understanding that all may


not just one.



We chavoc (create havoc)

so as to make them understand

it is beyond comprehensible reality,

to assure you (poor reader) that

it is coming afresh, despite

you good intentional slants at

the wicked among you.



To be able to see it not as

realm-ous, but good fortune since

you understand that it is not one who

stands there but many and

they shall die without succour

from the folks with plenty to

give but nothing to say,

for they do not know it

nor do they see it

as an advantage to do so.



Regard the Quivering Man is not

a calling for many to do.





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