Fashionable glasses



It’s when you take them off

I see you clearly

Its not what you choose to wear

but what you choose to take off

that turns me on

When I see the look in your eyes

that somewhere the earth is turning about an axis

like a somnolent voyager

I understand that you are ready

for it

and I know it is You that I see

not some other one who might be false and a lonely

vestige of my own making and plunder.

For you to me are the wrong ‘un

the right one and the left too

the one who makes me camera-shy

for it longs to make do with the sort of photo

of me that is blurred at the edges of me and that is where

tears form. It takes a long time to get this far in a word

yet love is not here, it is there under the trees

at the edge of millponds and forests where

they ask the question do you want to?



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