Something plainly isn’t right about

The early deaths of Bob Crow and Robin Cook

In pariliament and it relates

To my being handed the European Keys (note not just British ad France

was in there too designing a helicopter known as the

Scorpion by my betrayer Bruce van Ryneveld and Co at Greenside High School and at Wits


To Madiba’s door

And BREXIT and

B Johnson of the Conservative Party.


Crow would have known Johnson’s plans for

Railtrack and Johnson and Cook would have known

About the attack on my when leaving

The tax haven of a Palestinian support movement


In Bath in 2002.


If apartheid was about tax and not racism

Then so too must

The Palestinian peoples’ issues

Be about tax and money and not

About religion nor race.


Something smell bad ly here

And it is Johnaons and his

Cronies in thr Parliament of today and yesterday.


This is about BRIC and compensations due.


And taxation.




Euro M.P.

Harriet Harmon.


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