The world is full of spies. Will Self is one, for Norwegian Intelligence and so is Christian Figenschou of the Standard Bank, Johannesburg South Africa. And Quest, before I revealed him and Zuma’s people found a list of names taped under his desk at work. Back in 2007 or so.

I’ll have to explain my relationship to the Crown sometime and let me say for the moment we have a form of religious attachment. I happen to believe that God is an alien who did not create the earth but arrived and so we are not in his form. I don’t believe in collective worship either, so you can see it can’t be a conventional relationship.

Wendy of the Bath Music Fringe Festival has been waiting in Bath for years for her Damehood, ostensibly for her work as music organiser but actually because she is MI5 and she falsified my signature on an MI5 application back in 2002.

Back to the story, there I was having returned from South Africa in May 2003 having been followed by Will Self and other networks of intelligence and had the shit scared out of me because of it. AS usual people got to close and gave themselves away. As it was meant to do.

I worked seven pm to six am five or six days a week and kept my blog. And I was amazed to hear the response as I was picked up by the B.B.C. and other networks, in particular, music aficionados like John Peel and Chris Evans. They played a game of not seeing me but hearing and they read me, took some of my ideas and went for it. Those years blossoms with old eighties acts coming to life like Gang of Four who played the Bristol Academy and I went.

My policy suggestions put in Tony Blair for the second time, remembering my military adjunct. They put in Barack Obama. They put in Gordon Brown. And they won the World Cup for South Africa. And they had an influence on public opinion.

I was a trade union master and a student and I was half raving all the time because I knew my blog was being read locally. This was indicated to me by the threats I met in the street and my car was vandalised one night and the next night they returned and burnt it out. That is a threat worth paying attention to.

But that is not the worst I had to absorb.

Naturally these people above had their own enemies who have lurked in hiding here in Bath, people such as supporters of Dan Quayle, then a contestant in the democrat race with Barack Obama. Like Don Foster, then M.P. and now Lord of Bath through hereditary means. He used members of the public to mock me and lure me astray. Funny.

I took a lot of psychological punishment and ended up going to see a psychiatrist, a Dr Bill Bruce-Jones on campus who was known in the medical fraternity for his appearances on television representing the profession. He diagnosed me with depression, not ppost traumatic stress disorder, and this was reinforced by a second opinion at the Priory in Bristol.

One of the things was Carmen Plant who went into my bedsit when I was away in South Africa and emptied it and replaced everything again after photographing it – my books, my c.d. collection, my papers, my bank statements, every damn thing.

She then went through a process of harassment by letting me know through the actions of members of the public that I had been discovered and she was the master of Bath….that the City was built on rock and roll. Untraceable, so they thought, but I have the files through Black Hole.


adjective, having or showing no pity or compassion for others.

“a ruthless manipulator”

merciless, pitiless, cruel, heartless, hard-hearted, hard, stony-hearted, stony, with a heart of stone, cold-hearted, harsh, callous, severe, unmerciful, unrelenting, unsparing, unforgiving, unfeeling, uncaring, relentless, remorseless, unbending etc.

synonyms: brutal, inhuman, inhumane, barbarous, barbaric, savage, bloodthirsty, sadistic, vicious, fierce etc.

I am ruthless, so I have learned and so will you.

* * * * * * * * * * * *



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