Report back 2 from London visit

Some people are more mason than Labour, more mason than moslem.  You dig?
Others are ripe for the picking like Boris Johnson who likes to import his extra zoon from clubbing in the antigenea and he knows it having spent time in Goa and north Spain where the work is about drugs not hype.
So when he does work he sends a lot of things around the country via Internet he says but actually he uses his investment in the National Express services to send drug like cocaine and heroin in his cargo holds like fun.
It happened yesterday when Bath in desperation sent a crew to north London to look for supplies and HE that is Boris assured them that they would come.  he is not aware that they are not here in Britain and so he asked for they that do to be there and they are under arrest like the rest of the dealers of Bath and that is why they say it to them – they are right and they are wrong and that is good not bad and that is why they say it to then and there that there is a way here and do not turn out for rioting for drugs like they did in the Crimea (it’s not like the war said Anne Widdicombe) and they know it too and so it is they ask what to do for it and they know it too and that is why they ask what is it they want and they do not know it but the do know.  It palls and interest wanes with experience.
That is all now go home boys and eat your dinner for I am on the case and it is not they but you who do not know it yet.
Do not forget I have a military backspace and all my investments and earnings can be proven and ratified by State visit

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