I get my kicks from behaving like a boy

I get my groove on like a

Little bundle of joy

I send e-mails to clutter up the box

It gets me nowhere

But put under locks

And key

Key change:

I am in dispute with the University of Bath and psychiatry since I was disabled in an assault after attending a “Leftism” gig in Bath an there is no doubt that the origins lie with the author of the decision to label a Bath Bus with the logo of Nelson Mandela’s Head some months ago.  It was a sign of an ongoing dispute between myself and members of the Bath public including those who have been resident here as staff of the University of Bath and students too, as well as members of the local community.

I have been treated with anti terror legislation including the snoop laws since it was discovered that I supported and support the African National Congress.  This was under Don Foster M.P. but includes the community at large including members of the Bath Labour party.

The Bath Fringe is a theatrical company who treat Bath as its own private stage and members of this group are guilty of racist slurs against Winnie Mandela and I, for their stance that a little education is better than none at all.


Bruce E Saunders




Something plainly isn’t right about

The early deaths of Bob Crow and Robin Cook

In pariliament and it relates

To my being handed the European Keys (note not just British ad France

was in there too designing a helicopter known as the

Scorpion by my betrayer Bruce van Ryneveld and Co at Greenside High School and at Wits


To Madiba’s door

And BREXIT and

B Johnson of the Conservative Party.


Crow would have known Johnson’s plans for

Railtrack and Johnson and Cook would have known

About the attack on my when leaving

The tax haven of a Palestinian support movement


In Bath in 2002.


If apartheid was about tax and not racism

Then so too must

The Palestinian peoples’ issues

Be about tax and money and not

About religion nor race.


Something smell bad ly here

And it is Johnaons and his

Cronies in thr Parliament of today and yesterday.


This is about BRIC and compensations due.


And taxation.




Euro M.P.

Harriet Harmon.



I am the gangster’s mole

The one who cases the joint

Before he comes in and

Before he leaves

I am too beautiful to


With my beauty spot

Under the trees

But between you and me

There is a crosssover linking

Us and they who are

Coming after us

And they do not know it

But they ask this:

What is it about me that

Makes me so desirable

To another man

Like You?


Why don’t I stop thinking

about women?

Why do I feel this foolish

gimmickry called


for you sweetheart?

It is about the right of all

to be found,

not the right of the few

to be lost against the tides

of mankind’s lust for value-

driven relationships,

for I have nothing to give.

It is about the right of all men to be

able to make it, not the right

of the smaller-sexed to ask for it

to be a longed for expressionismed

folk-art.  It is about time

I said I will be able when the times

comes to it but now I forever will

be allowed to make it to

the renter and the voyeur

is near to the finishline

of the journied leer’d

forsaken jottings of the scribed

epithet about the right-of all women

to be allowed the one-up-man-ship

of sex before love.


Isn’t it the way

to do it?

To ask why? And then

to try and gainsay your maitre

using the right tools

for the job



and wealth

not like son of Sam

who used the end

of the world

as his used-for

time of loving

the alien.

It would feel that

some would not

want to be held in the arms

of a killer

but you know how it is

I like the adventure

and so it will come

to pass that I will

die in the looks

of others.