Ever wondered why you die?

Why the world keeps turning

with no respect for the amount

of humanity going up

in smoke?

Is it a code defined genetically

to be executed in the event



Mine will be closed.




How I remember

you lying in your bed

leg in traction

pupils dilated from morphine

no helmet could supply

enough protection

I made mixed tapes

to plug into your headphones

while you slept

I listened to you rave

deliriously at our father

about anything and everything

that had happened to you




and they say talking helps


It spreads like panic

like scrambled eggs of toast

yellow peril is upon us

huawai no warning of the ghost


that haunts the cities, the volumes

of participants in global

balancing that shifts and looms

like a surgeon’s scalpel


Hack and cut, saw and pry

see the legs of civilisation

come away and much less spry

it limps on, dreading amputation



I have made friends with the devil

and his voices in my head

I no longer sing in sympathy

I feel no more the dread

of knowing that all to be

is yet to come

it shall not be me

who falls out of the sun.


I pull back the sheets

on your dreams and

not alone I see you again

in the shape of your screams

of nightmare and lash

of overcoming the sash

of all brevity

and entering


I walk with you through

to the misery of darkness

holding you for your accounting

of your distress

wondering where I am

as with closed eyes

that flicker with wake

you smile.



Schizophrenia and psychosis as states of chronic fear and terror


What is defined as schizophrenia and psychosis is typically a state of chronic fear and terror. Individuals have been shattered by trauma. Within them, mental images of past events continue to haunt them. The inner voice (or conscience) which we all possess becomes amplified to a level where visual and auditory hallucinations become present. Grandiose thoughts arise as an attempt to either stave off depression or to escape from the painful reality of a distressing situation and disordered world. Anti-psychotics have been used to diminish the hallucinations and other distressing behaviors, but they have never addressed the reactions of the person and the underlying trauma and factors that have led them to seek a departure from defined reality. Therefore, in collaborating with these individuals, we must meet them in their sense of reality. We must join in respectfully and in a dignified manner, slowly and gently addressing the various disturbances in thought process. We must uncover the hidden traumas and seek to “be with” the person as they develop new coping mechanisms. It is entirely possible for individuals even in the states of severe mental anguish and distress to recover. And it is indeed possible for this to be accomplished without the addition of toxic drugs. The key is relationship. That is what these individuals are lacking and need. They need to know that there may exist, if even but one, stable and loving relationships in a world so often filled with pain.

Fear leads to great emotional turmoil. Other so-called mental disorders also often arise from a sense of fear: a fear of individuals, a fear of society, a fear of having been hurt and possibly being hurt again, a fear of life, a fear of death, a fear of not understanding who we are or maybe even being afraid of discovering who we are or who we were, a fear of the uncertainty surrounding what we may become. A fear that maybe we are not a person, or our identity as a person. A fear of challenges, a fear of not knowing the answers, or maybe a fear of not understanding the question, or even a fear of not knowing what questions to ask. A fear of not being loved or maybe a fear of not knowing what love really is, or what it could be, or what we have been told that it is. A fear of being controlled, a fear of our freedom being taken away. A fear of what others may do to us, or have done to us, or will continue to do to us.

This is the human condition; we all have levels of fear, some more, some less. We all have the desire for security, for safety, for solace. If we begin to understand this, we will then begin to understand life, we will be able to connect with others, and realize that the only way out of this fear is for us to journey together. Life is a journey, it is filled with moments where we stray into thorns, yet it is filled with moments of delight. To truly describe day, we must see night. To truly describe that which is beautiful we must have something to compare it to. Thus, we have the conditions of suffering. We would not know joy fully unless we had something to compare it to.

-Dr. Dan L. Edmunds

When I heard you I could not


how a nine times winner of concessionary works

could ever find themselves in it, the shit that is,

for it is a wonderful experience to be

the one who isn’t only allowed, but is given

the right to make all the workers

of the world unite

under fellowship of rulers and

learner motorcycling



true it unites all the writers of worldly events too

for they do not know it but they are asking

for the working man and woman to understand

they are asking for newts and fig-rolls for the

work of then and now


I wonder could you ask yourself for the works

of all the went and where for the whys are all about to

be allowed to start their own guidance

for there is a missile about

that could make it all seem too smooth

to watch as they advertise for the work

to be done with the swiftest intent so that

all the world sees they are in control

The press.




Sage words

they come from a man

long in years and experience both

yet you see not the voice’s carry

through the arms of bowery trees

that echo laughter from insanely

putting away the useful

and keeping entailed those whose

differences make them

all the more useful to us.

“This weather is schizophrenic

his decision was schizophrenic

his behaviour was schizophrenic

his experience was schizophrenic

has derogatory tense

yet it is not the schizo-phrenic who sizes

up enemies like they are chosen for them

to make do with for their own purposes

like they do with schizophrenics

putting we away and asking

not how to make it to there and then

and not here and now as to know when to ask

if it is due to the weather or schizophrenia again?