It’s not easy to see-ay

That this is about excitement and variety to life

Instead of Sodom and Gomorrah of the real thinker in you

Who wants it up the ass

Let’s preach a less thoughtful manner of seeing

And breach the amoral cosmo-act of the 2015

General Election and see

If it can be here and now, to

make it so.  To make it so.

It more than needs a repealing action

It needs revulsion and a mere tear shed for the likes

Of the one who gets it in the face with the nearFatal result of a headshot and a smear campaign

That’s Ed and the work of a million as the SNP

Desert for the Feral of the new Labour chance of being

In complete control of their destiny which we hope

Is the end of that.

Bye bye Scotland you brave tykes

For you are needed here but we can see

That it is none of your business so fuck the day

you did and died.

Copyright B E Saunders 2016

bioman23 I need a thing.
James Hi
James What thing do you need today?
bioman23 I need a thig for my nose
bioman23 thing*
bioman23 I need a thing for my nose that it’s trapped.
James Sorry, you have something trapped in your nose?
bioman23 It’s trapped I tell you and i odn;t  know what to do!
bioman23 don’t*
James I would go to a doctor, sir.
James Or otherwise seek medical attention.
James I imagine it is not healthy to have a trapped nose for too long.
bioman23 I have one but he’s no use.  Everytiem I tell him soething he prescribes an analgesic and we know what that comes in – in pill form don’t it?
James That is my understanding.
bioman23 And in pill form it is the worst
bioman23 true.  Now humble dot is the way to go, I say.  What do you preach?
bioman23 It is time limited, son, this conversation…
bioman23 I wonder what the printout will be like?
bioman23 Anyway – bye!
James Have a good day sir.
bioman23 You’re welcome.

This is the third part of the Global Outreach Progam as I see it.  It is not a work of Art it is a global taxonomy on the share of oil and such tarts and the number of men it feeds namely numerous millions and he fact that it does indeed make for the employ of numerous artists who say that it should fail.  This is not a fair inclement of the scene of the affair and no it is not a fair inclusion of event to the misspell of all the recreant factors.  Foreword is the anstill and that is the mean of all things ant and the ant of one is no’ the missant of another, it is the missing or debutante aspel.  The aspel means it is the mean of the two not the three or the four.  Therefore it is the halfway distance between the end and the begin but not as the crow flies but along the path.  This does no’ create the end version of events but the begin and thus it starts with the mean and ends with the fnu.

The fnu herefore is the fu and the un of fun mixed up and therefore in an untidy means redoubled into itself to become more fnu or…fun, yes that’s right!

This is not going to be the end of the time here.  It is only the start as I start to enjoy myself convincing you (the reader) that I am in fact insane whereas it is a little fleaball in my throat that starts me on this record of events leading up to my being sentenced without charge to the manifest Heaven and haven of the British Mental Ill-health Society (BMIS I shall call it).

The BMIS is crowded with society at this moment as more and more join in the industry for the fun of it.  Many have committed suicide or committed further risks in order to gain admittance and it is not an exclusive society – rather it is Inclusive.  Very Labour.

It is with some regret that I announce I shall be leaving soon.  The BMIS, not this earthly heaven I call home, named Bath.  This is the start of something different while I endeavour to abscond from the law and make my way across the sea to Australia and then South to Antarctica where I shall be greeted by none other than the emperor penguin with his same-same but different attitude to masonic rage and the fact that I refuse to work for them.  Masons that is.

We shall march accompanied by the vouchsafement of the Lord as we begin to sector out the missive from the missat and decide which of the two is for us.  The missat in this case is none other than the nee-d for a nu or new way of thinking such that these imbeciles can understand that life in Southern Australia and the like has been changed for the good of all.

No more masons in town is what I spreech and this is a new not a way and that is so.  This is no’ a vague memory of events but a clarification of the roles played by various members of the Bath public including and now wait for it – Thandi ex of the Bath RUH or the Royal United Hospital who preached “forgive and forget” for I shall not forget and I shall foregive for they are plebs or plebescants needing a fixative who do not understand the way of the world.  For them it expends no further than the border of this country and that is that. But for me it extends far beyond that to the extent of once having been forsworn as the enemy of the umKhonto we Siswe and its tactics of peaceful change through endeavour.  It is thus that I became a sworn enemy of them and through this that I made an acquaintance of Craig who shall remain surnameless.  He is a Lord of the Chapel of Ede and thus it is so.

Copyright B E Saunders 2016

Global Outreach II

There has been a number of complaints about my behaviour but maybe now Dr Leach is incumbent to do something for me as I have requested a lawyer from her and she understands that I am a non-violent settler in this place called The Farm in English as the boys are not far from it in terms of violent neglect of their elders.

It is Time please Sir to rename your sponse to that of free love and server her right for doing so.  Without that Is I should have perished a love time ago but that is which keeps me going in the hard times that befall one every sigh and womanst tie of lie an’ sin.

This Is no’ a bi li the noo but it is the nu and so forth until you reach the end of the shall and the start of the shall we not and this means the death to all upon her, the Good Ship Mary.  This shall forth be the emissive of the Good Man known as Bruce Edward Saunders, to sink her and all who sail upon her.

Animal Farm is the full english name of this situation where I am supposed to be the pig – indeed I once did enjoy the fesitive spirit of the Farmhouse Jazz fraternity before its landlord was killed in very suspicious circumstances indeed.  This is too much coincidence to pass by especially when his (Giles Hunt’s) reputation is at stake.  This means that it has all been sacrificed to the altar of Power in the New Moon, i.e.e to the end of the statan that is FW and the nu that is me, shall be henceforth called the New One and the Old one is by and go’ with the tide of time.  This is the New and it shall not be taken for a ride no longer.  Hencewith I declare War with Japan.

Copyright B E Saunders 2016

(This is a linked in writing competition entry)

The sound came from above. It was not as if he had heard it before – it has been a new one since he had heard it for the first time only two weeks ago but he had not recognised it as such.  He had derived numerous apothecary salves from his tutor of new mu and this had led to the realisation that there had to be a new mu that would delete the new from the mu and make it so, knowing that it could be the end of the first time and the start of the second.  This had the effect of making it a new and not a mu and therefore he had to start living in the present again and recognise that it was  a new sound that came from above and not the same one that had started the frame of reference abou’ the new and the mu about six months or so ago.

There is a new mu and a new mu and a new mu.  But this is not the start of the mu this is the end of the fin and so it is the end of the fin and the end of the fin and so.

This is not going to be easy to explain but it is true that there is a new mu in everybody and this is not the first time it had occurred within him! But it had occurred about the end of the mu and this is not the end of the mu but the begin and so he had no idea what he was writing about as he started the story without plan or vouchsafement.  This is the end. Begin.

Copyright B E Saunders 2016

It isn’t easy to write a book let alone a story and yet this is the one that shall be published. It is no’ goin’ to be the ain’ of the t’, it is g’win to be the fine ‘ay of all.

There once was a bo’ called Sue who could no’ be a fee-l withou’ there bein’ a noo. That is, there was no use to be a noo there was but a use to be a fal or foal. It tuk a large number of han’s to be abe’ to see tha’ this was a Noo and tha’ this is the the en’ of the begin and the star’ of the fi-le.  This fi-le was the new and there bein’ jus’ one of them here need be jus’ a smar’ and a soul and that is the fina’ and the sin’.

There is a noo and an ol’ and this is the ti’ for the noo and not the ol’ but.  This is no’ the en’ but the en’ of the begin and so…it is so.

This is no’ goin’ to be ease bu’. This is no’ goin’ to ease but it is agoin’ to be see’ and therefore it is agoin’to seal the vic-try for the Saint of the Bartholomew Diaz, that is the saint of the hysterical and the amorphous that is the saint of the shapeless and the indefatiguable who try to ge’ through to the othe’ si’ withou’ ever sein’ the en’ of the ti’ and so.

This is the noo as in the Now and there is no way that this is going to be a new but an ol’ one.  That is, the way thru is no’ agoin to be ease bu’t it is  agoin’ to be craze-y without some forma’ to be esclamed abou’.

Ees goin’ to be random, is wha’ I’m sayin’ and soo’ allus fella’s is goin’ to see tha’ this s no’ going to be, i’is goin’ to be fee-l, as in weel and feel togetha. This mins tha’ this is no’ goin’ to be, it is going to see and that means tha’ no way is I goin’ to be insulted by the likes of yu, ye mickel and that means yu!,  and tha’ means yu’.

This is no’ agoin to be it is goin’ to see and tha’ means yu had better get the star’ right an’ understan’ tha’ this is no’ the star’ of a shmick but the end of a flick and that means the en’ of the mo-vie.  Okay?

Copyright B E Saunders 2016

It isn’t the one who sees it is the one who sees it and sneers that wins the end game of love.  It isn’t the new but the ol’ that gets the dame and that is the fact of life. It is the nee who sees it and the nee who snares it not the nay and not the naytoo but the too to be nay and the too to be nay and the nay of the noo and the nay of the noo and the noo and the noo and the noo.

This means that although there is a new one in the same story as the one you are following right now, it is the new in the way that gets to see the bird and the one without the way and the noo who gets to sit in the car.

It came to pass one night that both he and she were about to get ready to get it on when it came to him that his buddy in the car might prefer to watch and therefore it came to being that they invited him up for a jar and a rep at the mark of Saul of Tysis and this is not the one who sees it but the one who sneers that did it.  That did it, huh? Well actually it was the one who did it not who did it since he was the one who brought up the subject of being cold in the car while he waited for them to get it on and get it down so this is not the end of the ga’ but the end of the ga-me so to speak. This is not the end but the begin so let us continue.

Let us see what becomes of the one who sneers while the one who sits gets a fit of tace in the mace and the mouth through the use of misnomer and misparagraphing. This is not going to be an easy fault to see since it is the police who mace him not the girl!  It is not the girl who is responsible it is the girl who is irresponsible and therefore gets the end of the nu and the end of the new and this is not the end of the nu but the start of the new friendship of ice and lemon tea.  So…

This is going to be the end and not the end if and this is not going to be the end if this is going ot be the end of and the end of the end and that makes the end the start of the start and the start of the start of the start of the start of the start of the start of the start. So…

This is going to be the start and forthwith I begin.

After she started to give him a blowjob she started to hum and that turned him on no end as she vibrated with her lips down his cock and it started to slee and slew as if it was alive by itself without nee’ of a knife to sort the shit from the cake so to speak – all was one and so it began to feel as if it was the end of the tie and the star’ of the shy and the uninhibited such that it was a real and not a role like it should.  This was not the way but the we and this led to the downfall of the air and pair as it should, they both started to get in the way of each other and this led to the star’ of a full compliment of tether and mether and so it was that she gave in and gave him the end of her ti’ and this led to the end of the sayquence not the sequence as they both knew it would.

This is not the begin, this is the stage of the event where they both star’ to feel that this could be a long relationship and thus it began – the sneer and the callgirl who would be both the end and the star of the show.  Both of them could not fee’ and this meant that neither of them could be without each other who knew them like the rest of them didn’t including the one who waited in the car.  This was not the one and this was not the one either but the one who could not be and could not fee’ and the one who could not fee’ was not the wen but the one who could and could not by chance and therefore this went into the li-fe of the show and party.

There is no way to say this other than to tell the truth so this is the truth – to get them into a new one so that they could enjoy the soul of their par-tay there was a need for they to be a new and this was not the one that they wanted but the one they selected for the rhyme of life was theirs for the taking and this led to their being unable to see and this led to their being unable to say or smell that their one was the one and their one was the one that did not get into the gear that they prescribed for the fitting occasion of their lovelife namely the rubber and glue of the nasal passage that was corrupt by their cocaine intake that gave way to their new think, namely their new think that was no one’s but their own.  This is not a psalm and so this is not a qualm neither it is a quotient of the rule of thumb that it could take a year or more before they could be a newfound love in the near or far of their existence.  That could be the end but it could be the send too.

This is going to be a short book so keep trying to follow.

This is going to be a short book so keep trying to follow. Naaah!

There once was a tie and it said “This is not a law it is a qui. IN other words it said that it is forbidden to get on with your loved one without needing to be a nu or a new and therefore it needed to be said that nothing that is nowt could be done to stop the real from getting into trouble with the law i.e. there is not way of getting into the trouble of the law without getting into the trouble with the sky itself who caught the gender of the romance without getting the gender of the distance such that no one could do and no one could say and this led to the begin of the begin and no it was not the one it was the one who was not the one and this is not the end this is the begin and so…

Okay – enough of this trash as I try to exume the story from the midst of the repetitive tres anglais post renaissance participle of soun’ and give the red to the blue for a keepsake and discuss the way forward with the storyline such that it knows but does not know the way through.

Now there is a new and this is it – to be or not, there is a way that does not get in and that does not get ou’ either.  It is a nu as in nu, which is the en’ of the we’ and the en’ of the wu and the en’ of the wu tan fu which is the en’ of the wu and the won and therefore is the won that does not get in but gets in withou’ the nu so…try this; there is a nu that does not get in and that does no’ get ou’ and thus it is the wu that gets the in and it is the wu that gets the wo’ as in the won and only that is the sher.  Sher is not the sure but the sher as in the tiger.  Tiger is the wu and the wa’ but the wa’ is not the wa it is the wu and the wa and so it is the wa’ and the wa’ is the wa’ and the wa’ as we mean to be saying.  Therefore there is a wa’ that is not the wa’ but the way and this is the way so get this – there is a way that is not the way but the wa and that is the wa but the wa s not the wa and so it is the wa and the wi and the wi is the wi and so gets forte i.e. strong.  Question mark. Have we got it?

There is a way to see this thru and that is to see that there is a one and a numb and the numb is a numb that is quik to see that this is the en’ and no’ the begi’ and so.

End of.

Copyright B E Saunders 2016